Dressing for Success

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Meet our “Dressing for Success” Team!

The team helps men and women who are entering or re-entering the workforce and striving toward a better future for themselves and their families. Clients are referred to these members by eight different community agencies.  They personally select professional outfits for their clients to help make 028 - blog group revthe transition to this next stage easier.

The photograph shows some of the wonderful ladies on this committee who will be your personal shopper.

One member said, “I feel strongly the Dressing for Success program is an integral part of the process of people gaining employment. Having nice clothing appropriate for an interview is a HUGE confidence booster. I’d like to think that this program can be a part of a solution to the unemployment problem.”

Once you are referred to our “Dressing for Success” team, one of our team members will meet you at the thrift shop.  She will have some outfits ready to try on when you arrive.  But of course, you can pick ­­­from anything in the shop.   She will be there to help you.   You are given a budget and can often get more than one outfit along with shoes and accessories.  These fabulous ladies will even provide tips on preparing for the interview.

dressing for success blogAssistance League volunteers dressed 86 people (2014-2015) and hope to provide for more men and women who are entering or re-entering the workforce.

To read more about us link here.

One thought on “Dressing for Success

  1. I attended the “Dress for Success” presentation and was so pleased and impressed how the team provided suggestions with a warm supportive assistance. They were all so pleasant and had great ideas on how to coordinate the items of clothing including accessories and shoes. Many came from a background in the professional workforce. They understood how difficult it is to invest in a new wardrobe when I didn,t have a job, but needed to go on interviews and look professional and confident. They are truly selfless volunteers and seem to enjoy helping others feel good about themselves! Thank you All!



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