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Julie pic for blog   Written & Compiled by Julie Sage

I grew up in Colusa, California, population 3600. Taking a trip to “the City” meant        SAN FRANCISCO (a long two-hour car ride).  It was always exciting to stay in the Chancellor Hotel and walk over to feed the pigeons at Union Square, visit the Emporium department store with its roof carnival, ride the Cable Cars to Fisherman’s Wharf, fly down the slides on burlap bags at Playland at the Beach, and be immersed with the crowds of people everywhere.  For me, the city atmosphere radiated an electric energy and motivated me to seek out new discoveries and try new things.  It was a life experience that allows me to see the beautiful electrical sparks all around me today.


And the San Francisco “electricity” still flows through all who visit there.  Seven members of our Assistance League® of Greater Placer chapter attended the 2017 Assistance League National Conference, recently held in San Francisco. For three days our representatives were able to attend educational workshops and capitalize on networking opportunities.  Assistance League volunteers are passionate and eager to bring back to their individual chapters, innovative ways to effectively meet their local community’s needs through successful philanthropic programs.

IMG_1009 (2)-REV
First Day Check-In and Red Star Shop purchases

                  Our chapter President Marcia relates, “We joined 900 Assistance League colleagues from 119 chapters.  Wow!  You can imagine how those luncheons and meeting sessions buzzed with all those ladies present. Keynote speaker, Suzanne Nosworthy, began the conference with a very entertaining idea that as volunteers we will do anything that no one can pay us for! We left that first session sporting buttons that say…


Working Breakfast 1
From Left:  Sydney, Marcia, Anne, Carolyn, Charmaine, Sherri, Shirley

Feel the Electricity?

“I volunteered at the technology helpdesk,” shares our Technology expert, Shirley.  “This experience was very enlightening and enjoyable; meeting new members, answering questions and learning that we are not the only chapter going through some issues with technology. I was able to meet some of the National Technology Committee members who I will be working with this coming year.”

Feel the Sparks from techie-talented people working together?

ALConferenceNAL Tech Committee Members 1-REV
Top-Shirley Lessiak, Nicci Griebe. Bottom-Nancy Friedel (National Tech Committee Chair) and Cherie Kassinger (National Webmaster)

 And here’s where my Blog readers…yes, YOU…can create an electrical burst of energy and light!  Start saving children’s books now.

During the conference, VP Marketing, Sherri was introduced to a new national event and marketing opportunity. “Assistance League Legacy of Literacy will take place every year, on the 4th Saturday in February. The goal is for all Chapters to collect as many children’s books as possible and determine the benefactors of the books.”  Sherri continues, “Greater Placer will be implementing our own timeline and deciding on how and where to collect books”.

And all attendees agree CHANGE is inevitable.  Keynote speaker, Randy Mascorella stressed, “Change takes Courage.”  Everyone returns from the National Conference with new ideas, approaches, and connections.  President Elect Charmaine adds, “We never leave our sights on the great philanthropic work we do on a day-to-day basis.”

Electrical Bursts All Around

And as the conference work days ended, a fun time was had by all!



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