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Katz    Written by Betsy Katz and Gayle Gullans    Gullans

 “Education is the key to success in many career pathways, and Assistance League of Greater Placer is committed to providing opportunities for students from alternative high schools to continue their education.” Program Chairman, Betsy Katz.

Chairman Betsy passionately shares the highlights of the Scholarships committee’s goals.

“Assistance League of Greater Placer began its program to award scholarships in 2004.  Starting with one school, we now reach out to five alternative high schools in Auburn, Rocklin, and Roseville to encourage graduating seniors to apply for a scholarship to continue their education. We also visit the students at Koinonia Community School in Loomis to explain the scholarship process and benefits.


In 2017 we awarded two scholarships to seniors from Chana High School, Auburn and Independence High School, Roseville.  In addition, we continue to support eight students attending vocational training programs and institutions of higher education who had been awarded scholarships in previous years.  Students are attending community colleges, four-year colleges, and vocational training programs such as medical assisting and court reporting.  Their interests are wide-ranging and include interior design, early childhood education, dental hygiene, and ultrasound technology.”

And the success stories are heartwarming. A student recently sent this thank you.

“I have been with you for a long time, going back to Koinonia, and I just want to say I appreciate your helping me along the way.  Now I will have a degree and will be moving on to Sacramento State College in the fall, so thank you so much.”

ScholarshipsCommitteeIMG_5283 REV
Scholarships Meeting-From left: Barbara, Gayle, Mary Ellen, Betsy, Kathy, Mary 

Scholarships Program Vice Chairman, Gayle Gullans, shared this student’s note and the following thoughts at the Assistance League general meeting in December.

“I want to thank the Assistance League for all of the help and support over the past two years. I have actually enlisted in the Navy and I leave for boot camp in January!  I honestly can’t begin to thank you enough for how much you helped and supported me.  It was definitely part of the reason I am where I am right now!  There’s a program I’m trying to get accepted into in the Navy that will also put me through medical school so fingers crossed!”

“Her words are such an inspiration to me.  I asked her if I could keep up with her as she goes into the Navy and she said she would love that, so I will keep you posted on her progress.  Assistance League has changed her life.  As a matter of fact, she told me at one point that whether or not we had money to give her, our belief in her gave her the courage to move forward.

It’s truly a blessing to support these young people through the Assistance League.”

The SScholarshipsRachel2IMG_7137 REVcholarship recipients for Assistance League of Greater Placer have overcome daunting life obstacles, to pursue vocational training or a college education.  The student pictured below at her high school graduation is no exception.  She lost her mother at an early age, but managed to graduate from high school a year early.  She was inspired by her family to become a radiology technician, as many members of her family members work in healthcare.
ScholarshipsRachelIMG_7136 REV

She is a single mother, works part-time and attends college classes part-time, and with the support of family and the Scholarships Program of Assistance League of Greater Placer, is striving to reach her goals.

Assistance League of Greater Placer’s unique Scholarships Program benefits high school graduates from Continuing Education programs in Placer County.  The Scholarship Program provides financial aid that makes it possible for these students to focus on training for a career.  Our committee works with schools and students during the application process, interviews students, awards scholarships, and provides personal ongoing contact with the scholarship recipients. We are sincerely motivated in helping students achieve their educational goals!

4 thoughts on “SCHOLARSHIP BENEFITS for Students!

  1. Awesome article! Because of the two of you, this program has grown beyond expectations. Thank you for all you and your committee do.


  2. It is so rewarding to see how much our Scholarship Program has grown since 2004 when we only worked with one court appointed school. Thank you to this hard working committee!


  3. I am in awe of the difference you make. I cannot imagine being able to choose to whom to award a scholarship. I love that we give scholarships to students attending vocational training as well as college. It makes my heart swell to hear the stories of the students we are able to support. Because you follow up with these students really does support them in a way “only a check” could not do. To have someone really care is more valuable than gold. You ladies are magnificent representatives of Assistance League of Greater Placer and the ideals we believe in. Bravo!


  4. It is wonderful Assistance League is able to honor deserving students with a college/vocational training scholarship for a job well done. I am proud we have The Scholarship Program and its strong leadership to help the youth in our community.


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