Posted on April 7, 2018 by AL Greater-Placer Nuggets

IMG_3623      Written by Julie Sage

Strategic Planning is a relative concept.  It is all about how you relate to its focus and priorities and how they affect your life and the lives of people around you.  It takes effort, decision-making, and actions in order to reach future goals.

I grew up in a farming community where all strategic planning was affected by the weather.  The weather was a variable that always challenged well thought-out farming strategies.  I learned how farmers had to adapt and re-focus their energies and budgets for a successful crop year.

When I married, my father-in-law had served in the U.S. Air Force with the Strategic Air Command, navigating on B-52 bombers.  Strategic Planning held a different meaning for me then, as the plan prepared strategic air forces for combat. Many Air Force bases in the USA and in other countries came together and focused their personnel and finances on creating a successful Strategic Plan.

Fast forward to my becoming a member of the Assistance League of Greater Placer.  We are a nonprofit organization of 230 women who have diverse interests, backgrounds, and goals.  The one goal we all have in common is “Transforming Lives-Strengthening Community”.

And in order to serve our communities best, we have a dynamic Strategic Planning Committee of SEVEN members who work hard in developing a written plan for the future needs of our chapter.  And the committee welcomes member participation and support.IMG_5347-REV

Pictured: Vice Chair Jan, Janet, Lyne, Kathy, Pam –  Absent: Chair Paulette, Gayle

You might ask yourself, “How do all these women pass on their suggestions and opinions to the Strategic Planning Committee?”  Well, there are always the modern techno ways to communicate by text and email.  But the face-to-face meetings that give members the opportunity to express themselves and exchange ideas with other members have the most effective and positive results.


So, once a year, the Assistance League of Greater Placer’s Strategic Planning Committee hosts a “Cluster Meeting” where all members are invited to voice their concerns and ideas for the future of our chapter. This year, there were 135 women present at the Cluster Meeting.  Imagine…the volume and excitement level in one room.  Whew!  We had a lot to talk about, and we shared our enthusiasm for all the Assistance League is able to accomplish through our 13 philanthropic programs throughout the Greater Placer communities and the affordable shopping at our wonderful Thrift Shop in Auburn.


A team member shares her thoughts:

“This is my second year on the Strategic Planning Committee and more than anything I enjoy working with the dedicated and talented members of our committee. This year we decided to change the venue for the cluster meetings from individual homes to one location. We definitely had some reservations, but overall it turned out to be a success for which we were most grateful.  I’m looking forward to serving another year with this fun group of women.”  Janet B.

Our chapter’s Vice President Education Administration, Sydney W., adds her admiration:  “This is an energetic group of women who continue to work so well together that it makes my head spin.  It’s been my honor to be able to attend the Strategic Planning committee meetings and watch them work.”

Many helpful insights and suggestions were gathered and will be studied by our Strategic Planning Committee to strengthen our chapter’s objectives and goals.   This committee works diligently to determine the direction and resources available to enhance Assistance League of Greater Placer’s success in helping adults and children in our communities.

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