Posted on May 5, 2018 by AL Greater-Placer Nuggets

Written by Julie Sage   IMG_3623

I enjoy working on jigsaw puzzles.  Even though they can be challenging, my concentrated efforts produce a cohesive outcome.  I like to start with the border pieces and create a framework for my puzzle.   Then I separate out the dominant colored pieces onto separate cookie sheets. This technique allows me to stack the cookie sheets later when I need to pause solving the puzzle to clear off my dining table.   If the finished puzzle picture has focal objects or person pieces, I start there. I prop up the puzzle box picture on end, so I can see it as I work.  I need a constant reminder of what I’m trying to achieve.  And all the effort, determination and joy in finishing the puzzle gives me a sense of accomplishment.

Being a member of Assistance League of Greater Placer for 20 years, I have found my “practiced” skills for putting together jigsaw puzzles, helps me BlogpuzzleNancyIMG_5384-REVin helping others.  In my observation, I see the Assistance League of Greater Placer’s Thrift Shop as a Giant Puzzle with numerous puzzle pieces coming together and forming a strong, vibrant, and exciting Thrift Shop.  

Our current General Manager, Nancy, has held the position for 5 years.  A special recognition poem for her outstanding service was written and recited by Assistant Manager, Janet, at our April meeting.

Congratulations Nancy!

Our members volunteer for the numerous Thrift Shop positions that make our shop so special.  They are each a necessary puzzle piece towards the end picture of success.

ThriftshpmngrsIMG_1428 (2)-REV
Thrift Shop Managers Meeting  

We have Assistant Managers, Backroom Captains, Treasurers, Schedulers, Media Contacts, Visual Display, Boutique and Salespersons as the great Puzzle Border starts.  Then we fill in the center with Department Chairmen for Art, Books, Collectibles, Jewelry, Fabric, Kids Korner, Linens, Purses, Scarves, Shoes, Toys…the list goes on. And to complete the jigsaw puzzle picture, we add vibrant color pieces that are volunteers and customers!

Our Assistance League of Greater Placer members take pride in our Thrift Shop.  It is open year-round and with the funds earned, we are able to provide 13 Philanthropic Programs in the Greater Placer communities to help individuals and families.

Come visit the Assistance League Thrift Shop, located at 1263 Grass Valley Highway, in Auburn.   Enjoy a truly unique shopping experience and know that your monies will help others in our local communities. What a beautiful PUZZLE!

4 thoughts on “PUZZLE OF MANY PIECES

  1. Perfect analogy, Jules! It has been a challenging, rewarding and most often joyful experience to support these wonderful women these past five years. Their energy and dedication ensures both a vibrant shop as well as chapter.


  2. Great article which I truly enjoyed the puzzle concept since I’m a ardent puzzle person and like to work in the thrift shop. Well done, Julie and Nancy!


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