Posted on May 13, 2020 by Al Greater-Placer Nugget

Written By Carol Barry

“Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.” Ryunosuke Satoro

A lot has been said about the magic of teamwork. Nowhere is magic more evident than in our Assistance League of Greater Placer Thrift Shop. Sherri Ewoldt and Sharon Roloff volunteered at ALGP and worked side by side in the Thrift Shop for years. These dedicated gals finally teamed up two years ago as Thrift Shop General Managers. As the Thrift Shop evolved under their “total team approach”, so did their friendship. They’ve laughed together, worked until they could barely move, collaborated on ideas, weathered challenges and been blessed by praise from member volunteers and customers alike.

Now, together, they face the end of their two year commitment to the Thrift Shop with its doors closed to the public, which makes them sad. They miss the laughter, hugs from regular customers and volunteers. But while we ‘shelter in place’, this “Dynamic Duo” has been VERY BUSY preparing for a GRAND REOPENING! The Thrift Shop has been professionally cleaned, carpets steamed cleaned & windows power washed. “Even though we worry about these difficult times, we still are united in our passion to do our best for the Thrift Shop, even during the mandatory closure. We hope to be on hand when the Shop shines bright once again & may even have a few surprises for the volunteers when they return!”


Each Thrift Shop volunteer contributes to its success, like pieces in a puzzle:
~Assistance League Board Members and Thrift Shop Treasurers
~The amazing Day Managers that are on the forefront
~A myriad of Department Chairs behind the scenes
~Volunteers who smile and greet customers
~Dedicated instructors
~Our generous community of donors
~Too many volunteers to name that have shown up to help where needed
~Community agencies who show us where our proceeds can be beneficial
~Our customers!!!!

Sherri and Sharon, we deeply appreciate your volunteer work ethic, and your love for helping others. Under your joint leadership the Thrift Shop provides quality merchandising, competitive marketing, a supportive management team and members, and a joyful environment. Plus, you were able to meet this year’s budget, even with the extended closure! ALGP members thank you two, our leadership team, for helping grow our Thrift Shop and making our Nonprofit the BEST OF THE BEST!!!! It is truly a garden of happiness with flowers blooming where we didn’t even know we planted them. Thanks to you, our Thrift Shop has blossomed to better serve our Greater Placer communities. We thank you for wholeheartedly sharing your time and talents.

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” Helen Keller

Huge thanks to the team of helpful volunteers who contribute their talents to the publication of the monthly blog: Janet Wheatley, Julie Sage, and Carole Janicke

3 thoughts on “Teamwork!

  1. What a lovely article recognizing Sherri and Sharon for the wonderful jobs they did in the management positions at the Thrift Shop. Thank you.

    Sandy Slaton


  2. I would like to add my total appreciation to Sherri and Sharon for all their work these past two years. You will be a vey hard act to follow. I want to wish both of you a wonderful life ahead in Texas. Eleanor Archer


  3. Recognizing the Thrift Shop as ALGP’s primary fundraiser, Sherri and Sharon were committed to its increasing success, allowing our philanthropic programs to thrive. Best wishes in your new homes and new endeavors.


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