Posted on November 15, 2020 Al Greater-Placer Nugget

Written by Carol Barry

The computer was born to solve problems that did not exist before.”   Bill Gates

There’s no doubt that sheltering in place in 2020 is critically important to our health.  We’ve adapted, read more books, cleaned out closets, drawers and garages. We’ve sorted through old recipes, spending more time in the kitchen than we used to.  We’ve gardened more, gone for more walks, taken more hikes and even dusted off the camper for a few weekends at the beach. However, Assistance League® members are committed to serving our local communities and it’s been uncomfortably restrictive for our volunteers to stay at home.

Luckily for all of us, it’s the 21st century, and technology comes to our rescue, taking us out of our homes “virtually” so that we can continue the many community projects we are committed to. Many dedicated members deserve HUGE KUDOS for making the effort to learn how to participate in Zoom meetings so that chapter activities can move forward.  But there are many more online avenues to walk! Try logging onto our website pictured below

This is our local chapter’s website, and right from our home page, we can find ways to roll up our volunteer sleeves! Here are just a few . . .

            Click the DONATE button at the top right of the home page, then make your donation  . . . . by check or credit card, or donate in memory of a loved one, donate cash or goods and services to the Thrift Shop, donate to a fundraising event or sponsor an event. You will have contributed in an important way, right from your home.

Here’s another way to get involved via Assistance League® of Greater Placer’s website: under “Philanthropic Programs”, click on the red LEARN MORE button.  This will open up a brief description of our philanthropies.  Pick one you may be interested in and click again on the LEARN MORE button.  There are countless ways of donating time and talents to these worthy programs without leaving home!!!

Members contact the committee chairs or thrift shop managers to see if there is a need for things that can be done from home, such as phoning, sewing, laundering, wrapping, packaging, writing letters, creating signs, coaching, etc.

Anyone can support our chapter by purchasing items from our on-line stores. On the second line of the website, scroll over to THRIFT SHOP.  Selected items from the Thrift Shop are featured for sale on ebay and poshmark, two popular online stores.  Click on each website to see if there’s an item of interest to you (or to Santa!).  You CAN purchase it online and arrange for delivery! and

Perhaps you have items to donate that you think might be better showcased on one of these websites? You can email and your message will be received and responded to.

You are on your way to becoming an Online Wizard! If you would like to receive our BLOG, ALGreaterPlacer-Nuggets, in your email, enter your email address on the right side of the BLOG and click FOLLOW.   Each month, you can read stories about our philanthropies, stories that share how our lives and recipients’ lives are deeply touched by your generosity.  Also featured on the BLOG page are online connections to Assistance League® of Greater Placer’s SOCIAL MEDIA.  For instance, you can click on the Facebook logo and “like” our chapter’s Facebook page.  Or perhaps you are more of an Instagram user, or Twitter, Pinterest or even LinkedIn.  Just click on one of the symbols, here on the BLOG, or on the website, to get connected.

Many dedicated volunteer members do leave home to work at the Thrift Shop.  This popular shop is the heart of our community support efforts.  Thousands of community members expect to shop here during the holiday season because they receive quality merchandise for prices they can afford.  To find out why our volunteers feel safe working at the Thrift Shop in 2020, click on THRIFT SHOP, then scroll down to COVID-19 Safety Practices. This video from our Thrift Shop Managers describes all the state-mandated requirements plus many other safety precautions that have been put in place to protect both volunteers and shoppers.  Why not let becoming a member and volunteering, or shopping at our Thrift Shop, lift your spirits this holiday season?

There’s another way to support our chapter from the comfort of your own home and still have all the contents of Santa’s sleigh at your fingertips – ordering items online! This is a “MUST DO” for the holidays!  Just type into your browser and designate Assistance League of Greater Placer as your charity of choice.  Then simply proceed to shop as you normally would.  Amazon will send .5% of all of your “Smile” orders to our local chapter.  It’s Win/Win and it helps so many others!!

Technology is best when it brings people together.”   Matt Mullenweg

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