The Donor Connection

What Goes Around Comes Around

Hundreds of donated items (household, clothing, jewelry, books, art, and linens) are received from Placer County residents almost daily at our Assistance League® of Greater Placer Thrift Shop.  All items are processed by our volunteers, reasonably priced, and displayed for our customers to purchase. The Thrift Shop stays well stocked with wonderful merchandise because of the giving spirit of so many individuals.

Our volunteers assist the shoppers and their enthusiasm about Assistance League is contagious. And because of this connection between donor and volunteer, we have been gifted with caring and energetic members to our Assistance League chapter.

First Impressions Stick

By Susan M.

SuzanneMy introduction to Assistance League was thru a hot dog—the #12 red cabbage dog at Weiner Works. That was a too-often lunch stop during my working days, and the Thrift Shop was next door. So there they were—my two favorite things—thrifting and food in one stop. I just had to pop in. The shop was quite small then, but I remember the ladies were really nice.

After a while, the #12 and I were both retired (from the menu and the job), but the shop lived on and grew into a larger location—must have been those nice ladies.  One day while both donating and shopping—a common occurrence to this day—I commented that everyone working there seemed very happy. (Since this was not true for many retail businesses, it was noticeable.)

I didn’t know the person I spoke with was the President-Elect at the time.  She gave me a brochure, explained Assistance League of Greater Placer’s mission and impressive programs and alleviated my concerns about allowing time for travel and family.  I went home and told my husband that I had found a great organization.  I joined in October and became Assistant Manager at the shop shortly afterward. When I joined I was really flying solo—l knew no one in the organization—but I soon learned that my first impression was right— they are really nice ladies.

 Why not join Assistance League?

by Sandy J.

Thirteen years ago my husband and I relocated to Auburn from the Bay Area, and my widowed mom moved in with us.  For the first eight years my mom was independent, then she began to show signs of aging and by the tenth year I was her full-time caregiver.  During the last year of her life, the community reached out and provided help and support to guide and assist me through this very difficult time. After she passed, I knew I wanted to give back and help others in need.

After almost a year of fruitless searching for where I could best serve others,
I just couldn’t find what I was looking for… until that fateful day last July.   I stopped by the Assistance League of Greater Placer Thrift Shop to drop off a donation.  Being such a wonderful Thrift Shop, I couldn’t help but stop and shop!  While shoppingSandy I chatted with the lovely volunteer staff and was truly enjoying myself.  After paying for my fabulous purchases, my conversation continued with one of the member volunteers.   She shared information about Assistance League and how it was so much more than just a Thrift Shop.  She suggested I think about joining and invited me to the next Assistance League monthly meeting.

Walking across the parking lot towards the monthly meeting place, I remember thinking there would probably be 20 or 30 women present.  I was not expecting 100+ women!  I was impressed by not only the professionalism of these women but also by their warmth and acceptance.  I was overwhelmed by the depth and breadth of what Assistance League represented.  There were so many different ways for me to give back to the Greater Placer community.  Not only could I work the Thrift Shop, that provides the funding for 13 Philanthropic Programs, but I could also participate in any number of these programs and directly reach out to the community!  I had finally found what I was looking for and I now had my answer to my volunteer friend.   “Why not join Assistance League?”  My answer was “Indeed, why not!”

Sometimes the stars favorably align and life takes a curve. 

by LaVerne M.

LaverneI had been fully retired for a couple of years.  Most of my friends were younger and still working, and my husband was now fully recovered after a bad hiking accident the year before.   I finally had some time for myself.  My hair stylist had recently bought a hair salon near the thrift shop that was run by Assistance League. Through convenience, I occasionally dropped off donations as I passed by.  One day, I was early for an appointment and I decided to go in and ask what Assistance League was all about.  The volunteer behind the counter just happened to be one of the past presidents.   Needless to say, I got more than the 5-minute elevator speech.  Her enthusiasm was infectious, and by the time I left, I was ready to join up.

I have now been a member for 8 years and it has been one of my very best decisions.  Assistance League makes a difference within its own community.  We get to see the wonderful results of our hard work and dedication to the children and families of Placer County while enjoying the friendship of like-minded women who want to serve while having fun.

I still am thanking my lucky stars.

Sandy, Laverne and Susan together at the Thrift Shop.

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