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Posted on December 2, 2017 by AL Greater-Placer Nuggets

IMG_3623  Written by Julie Sage

They come shopping with a sense of optimism and purpose in fulfilling their needs.  Customers at our Assistance League Thrift Shop oftentimes share their shopping requests with our volunteer staff.  For me, it is always interesting working in the shop, meeting people and hearing their life stories. My son has actually made the observation that I may sometimes over-reach…he asked me once when we were on vacation together, “Do you need to talk to everyone, even in an elevator?”  I guess I do! Maybe it is the writer in me, or maybe it is my quizzical nature, or maybe I just believe we are all connected with the same wants and needs.

Halloween group2-REV

A lady customer from Brentwood, CA always stops at our Thrift Shop on her way to her cabin north of Auburn.  She searches the shop for clothing and items that will be stored in her barn.  The local schools, churches and theater company have unlimited access to the barn, and have permission to borrow whatever “costumes” needed for local productions.

Glenda labels herself as “Second Hand Rose,” a Thrift Shop junkie.  She has been shopping at our Thrift Shop since 1990!  Glenda has experienced our shop from one small store front to now our larger expanded Thrift Shop.  She relates that the clothing is nice, clean and prices are great.  Her grandkids benefit from her shopping as she always buys them shirts when they come to visit so they have clean clothes to wear home.

A long time male customer’s hobby is watches and clocks.  He regularly stops by to see if we have any new selections for him to buy.  He does repairs, and I believe he has a clock on every wall of his home.

Marian’s motivation and 15-year loyalty to our Thrift Shop is the great philanthropic programs Assistance League provides to our local communities.   She has seen us in action, clothes shopping with kids with Operation School Bell®.  Marian shares that she enjoys our friendly volunteers, the great choices and quality of items in the shop.

And our presence in the community keeps continuing to grow.  Every day new people walk in for the first time to see what we are all about.  They have heard about us from acquaintances, our fundraisers, our community involvement and from other local shops. And with just one visit, they become repeat customers!    (I have no proof, but choose to believe this to be true).

Our Assistance League of Greater Placer Thrift Shop is teeming with inspiration. Members have a responsibility to work in the shop either in the front room with customers and visual displays, or in the back room with inventory. The Thrift Shop is our main fundraiser, and my presence and energies spent in the shop brings satisfaction and pleasure in knowing I am helping my fellow community individuals and families.

COME VISIT US for your Holiday Shopping!

Assistance League® Thrift Shop, 1263 Grass Valley Highway, Auburn, CA

(Closed Sundays and Mondays)

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